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BMW 5 Series E34 Body Kit

BMW 5 Series E34 Body Kit

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Erebuni Body Kit BMW 5 Series E34 | 4 dr Erebuni - Kit 255 89-94

Erebuni is the biggest body kit import and manufacturer in the United States. In business since 1979 they have designed thousands of body kits and hold there name for having the most unique body kits on the market. It is not just the variety and the inventory that sets EREBUNI apart from all the rest. The service oriented company offers same day shipment for 96% of the inventory from 2 warehouses of over 30,000 square feet. Body kits have very competitive prices to the point that many times the same product is less expensive from us then from the manufacturer of that product itself. Exclusive, Unique styling, Superb quality and outstanding value is the words that customers describe Erebuni.
Professional Installation by an experienced custom body shop is recommended as parts are After Market and not OEM. Modifications may be necessary to insure proper fitment and may include cutting, trimming, filling, sanding, and customizing.

Complete Set, includes: 1 Front Bumper 2 Side Skirts 1 Rear Bumper