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Description: B&G_08.1.158^1 BMW Z4 B&G S2 Sport Lowering Suspension Springs - 08.1.158 Progressive Spring rate design to maintain ride quality while improving road feel and handling Front and Rear Drop:...More Details »
Item #: 643107
Condition: New
Price: $348.99
Sale: $273.99
Save: 21%
Save: $75.00

Description: For more than 20 years, H&R has been committed to building the finest quality automotive suspension components available. All H&R springs are 100% made in Germany, meet the most rigid safety...More Details »
Item #: 6519
Condition: New
Price: $389.99
Sale: $349.99
Save: 10%
Save: $40.00

Description: The Pro-Kit is Eibachs premium lowering spring kit and is considered to be one of the worlds top performance suspension products. The performance and reliability has been proven in millions of...More Details »
Item #: 5991
Condition: New
Price: $319.99
Sale: $281.99
Save: 12%
Save: $38.00

Description: Suspension Techniques springs are specifically engineered for optimal performance and comfort. Improve your ride with ST Suspension Sport Springs to lower the center of gravity, reduce body roll in...More Details »
Item #: 14976
Condition: New
Price: $295.99
Sale: $269.99
Save: 9%
Save: $26.00

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