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Description: Arden’s exclusive lowering springs are designed and tested to perform under the most extreme driving conditions. These units are comfortable enough for daily driving, however tight enough to take the Jag around the track.
Item #: 530573
Condition: New
Price: $1,656.99
Sale: $1,218.99
Save: 26%
Save: $438.00

Description: Mina Gallery exclusive lowering springs have been designed and tested to produce a substantial improvement in handling while only minimal increasing road harshness.
Item #: 530572
Condition: New
Price: $1,218.99
Sale: $625.99
Save: 49%
Save: $593.00

Description: The Pro-Kit is Eibachs premium lowering spring kit and is considered to be one of the worlds top performance suspension products. The performance and reliability has been proven in millions of...More Details »
Item #: 6358
Condition: New
Price: $412.44
Sale: $362.95
Save: 12%
Save: $49.49

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