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Bentley Fenders

Fenders are exterior automotive body components that form umbrella-like coverings over the wheel wells of vehicles. Though many cars produced straight from the manufacturer are now designed with subtle, non-protruding fenders, car tuning enthusiasts often replace their carís stock versions with aftermarket fenders to create a unique, customized exterior appearance. Custom fender replacements can be painted to match the body of a car, or can be stylized in a way that makes them stand out from other vehicle body elements for a more exotic look.

Installing new fenders is one of the most popular exterior upgrades available, and stocks a wide assortment for you to choose from. Though primarily designed to form a shield against debris and loose particles hitting rotating tires, fenders are less often replaced for functional reasons than for aesthetic purposes, though our aftermarket fenders can help you upgrade on both counts.

For reliable, rigid, and sleek body fenders that enhance your vehicleís aesthetic appeal, maintain the functionality provided by your carís original fenders, and can be easily installed, browse through our vast collection and find the custom fender design thatís the best fit for your vehicle.

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