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Custom hoods are come in all styles and materials. Chances are, if you're replacing your OEM hood, you're trying to shed some of those pounds weighing you down on the starting line. Aftermarket hood manufacturers are aware of this and most of the custom hoods are on the market are lightweight racing hoods.

Fiberglass hoods are one option that drivers can go with that cut about 50 pounds off your stock hood. Another very popular option more drivers are going with is the carbon fiber hood. The custom carbon fiber hoods we carry are very lightweight and constructed highly durable carbon fiber material. Both aftermarket fiberglass hoods and custom carbon fiber hoods can be color matched to your vehicle. Shed some of that dead wieght today!

Whether you've got an old muscle car, a new tuner or a European Monster, everyone can benefit from getting a OEM replacement hood that is considerably lighter than the stock hood. If you want to shave some time off your quarter mile and even improve your gas mileage, consider picking up a new fiberglass race hood today!

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