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Cummins Diesel Tow Chip 2003 2004 555 65 HP

Cummins Diesel Tow Chip 2003-2004 555 65 HP Feature Benefits

Gain up to 65HP Instantly More power to tow, haul and play

3 Power Levels Adjustable on the Fly Plus Stock

Always choose the Power Level that is right for your situation

Simple Push Button Interface No knobs or switches to fuss with

Built in Power Level Display LEDs Easy to see what you have selected

Fuel Mileage Increase of up to 2mpg Can pay for itself over the life of the vehicle easily.

Most Compact Module on the Market Doesn\\\'t occupy large parts of your dash or obstruct view

Made and/or Assembled in the USA We buy from Domestic Firms wherever possible. Yes some things do cost a little more but it\\\'s for a reason.

Integral Module Diagnostics Peace of Mind. You will always know what the status of your module is.

Simple Plug-In Design Installs in less then 30 minutes Spend time enjoying not installing.

Ever wonder how diesel performance seems to cost more and more? We did too. If you just want functionality, not over-featured performance products...look no further. The Scorpion Diesel brand name and lineup of products was conceived to bring diesel performance into anyones budget. No excuses, just PERFORMANCE! Scorpion Diesel Performance Stinger Modules offer identical or better performance specifications as modules costing more than twice as much! We guarantee each module sold to deliver reliable, trouble-free performance as well as be simple and easy to use. Do you really need an MP3 player built into your performance module?

Was: $399.99
Sale: $339.99



Will this void any warranty? Installation of the device itself will not void a warranty.

Can this module be detected? No.

Does this change shift parameters? No. Some transmissions have an adaptive learning strategy. All our products work with these types of transmissions 100%

How hard is this to install? Beginners can install in under 30 minutes. 10 minutes is not out of the question...It\\\'s FAST and Easy.

Do you Guarantee this product? Absolutely, each unit comes with a satisfaction guarantee and a warranty.

Will this Interfere with other Electronics or Enhancements? No. this unit will not cause or accept harmful interference. It is immune (unlike others) to the effects of CB Radios and other higher powered RF devices.

How does this work? This module advances timing and alters the fueling curve of the vehicle, resulting in more complete combustion as well as extra fuel when your truck needs throughout the entire RPM Range.

Can you offer me a better price? We cannot negotiate with customers for better pricing, for one simple reason. This would violate our agreement with our dealer network. Dealers have some flexibility in pricing as they compete for your business, but we do not compete with our dealers for business. If you are price motivated there are currently other dealers selling on ebay and online that can sell you our product.

Will this hurt my vehicle? This product has been designed to enhance the working parameters of the drivetrain. You should not see any accelerated wear from the device.


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