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Z8 Cross Drilled Rotors

Stop your BMW faster, straighter and safer. Engineered to eliminate brake pad 'float' and dissipate heat, high performance cross-drilled brake rotors reduce fading, stop your BMW shorter and run cooler. How do they do all that? Easily. Hard braking generates heat. As the heat breaks down the brake pad material, a thin layer of gases develops between the pad and the rotor causing the pad to essentially 'float' over the surface of the rotor (like the puck in an air hockey game) instead of grabbing it. Drilling the rotors gives those gases a way to escape and allows your rotor to cool faster. The result: friction between the pad and rotor remains high, so your BMW stops sooner. Plus these rotors look sharp behind open-spoke wheels. Sold in pairs.
Was: $499.99
Sale: $459.99



Front Rotors only.


Professional installation recommended.


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  • 548913
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