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Tailgate Handle Relocater - 2078118

Tailgate Handle Relocater Kit

1. Remove the tailgate from the truck and place face down on saw horses or work bench. NOTE: IF USING A SKIN, HANDLE RELOCATER MUST BE INSTALLED BEFORE THE TAILGATE SKIN IS WELDED-ON.

2. Remove the three screws that hold the handle in place, unhook the rods and then remove handle from the tailgate.

3. Remove the end latches from the tailgate and set aside.

4. Measure areas for cut-outs using diagrams. Use a die grinder or jigsaw to cut out marked areas. When cutting out the back side, be careful not to cut through front side, as the two skins are close together. On the front side, Cut the tap that is spot welded to the tailgate. This will release the complete cut out part from the tailgate.

5. After all cutting is complete, reinstall end latches into tailgate with the ends of the rods pointed up. The rods will now push up into the handle.

6. Bolt your factory tailgate handle into the SIR MICHAEL?S relocater. Place the relocater into the back side of the tailgate. Hook up the latch rods onto the handle. NOTE: Over a period of time the rod clips tend to detriorate, some times it is necessary to put a tack weld on the rod so it will stay in place.

7. Mount the relocater to the tailgate using the ten #8 screws provided. Once mounted, test the handle making sure it moves up freely. WD40 works good to loosen it up a little. Turn the tailgate over (original handle opening up) and grind paint off the area around the tailgate handle recess (approximately two inches) and weld the SIR MICHAEL?S provided filler panel in place. NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WELD ONE CONTINUOUS BEAD AS EXCESS WILL DAMAGE OUTER TAILGATE SKIN.

8. Finally , grind down the welds, apply body filler, block sand, primer, and paint to match the outer tailgate skin. Now you are ready to re-install the SIR MICHAEL?S tailgate handle relocater equipped tailgate back into the truck.

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Professional installation is recommended. Requires Welding, Cutting, and Grinding.

Tailgate Handle Relocater Fits:
• 1994-2001 Dodge Ram


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