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BMW Intake Super Charger


BMW Intake Super Charger

Designed to increase gas mileage and gain HP on your BMW!

  • *Maximum Speed Movement: 55,000r/min.
  • *Axis Temperature: 120c.
  • *Jet blade design.
  • *Made of Strong Alloyed Zinc
Why you need Power Launcher for your BMW?

Internal combustion gasoline engines run on a mixture of gasoline and air. The ideal mixture is 14.7 parts of air to one part of gasoline (by weight.) One part of gas that is completely vaporized into 14.7 parts of air can produce tremendous power when ignited inside an engine. The quantity and quality of the air being mixed with fuel is of vital importance. It helps determine the longevity of an engine, more air you can get into the cylinder the more horsepower the engine will produce.

The propeller of Power Launcher Turbine spins with the engine speed generating a maximum force to create a powerful airflow into the combustion chamber at a higher speed. The propeller sucks the airflow into the combustion chamber at a higher speed resulting atomized burning: increase Horse power and Save gasoline.

DESIGN CONCEPT: (Design by Auto Engineer)

*The Spining Propeller converts the straight airflow into powerful cyclone at high speed. Spining Propeller accelerates the high speed airflow into cambusting chamber

The F1-Z Unit will fit a Airhose that measures 65mm to 68mm. If the unit is smaller than your car air intake hose. Use extra Rubber ring attached on the unit to fit into the airhose. Please email me for more information.


*65mm Diameter wide(2.5 inches) and Length is 74mm Long

*After attached Rubber Ring is (3 inches) wide,

*IF the unit is still too small. You may get yourself a Reducer/Adapter to fit the size


Boosting engine horsepower. Reducing waste gas exhaust minimizing air pollution. Highly effective. Extremely safe and economical. Easy installation.

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