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Chevrolet Silverado AEM DryFlow Panel Air Filter - 28-20129

Dryflow Performance Panel Air Filters
A revolutionary lifetime air filter media that delivers industry-leading filtration by using a non-woven polyester-based media that does not need filter oil to trap dirt and particulates. DRYFLOW is easier to clean, more durable, will not degrade with servicing and has a higher filtration efficiency than all of the cotton-gauze filters we tested.

The AEM DryFlow filter is constructed of gradient non-woven polyester fibers that are several layers deep, and as the name implies, it is a very efficient air filter that does not rely on oil to capture airborne contaminants from the inlet air stream. The DryFlow filter is not a single layer barrier filter but rather a depth loading filter where the contaminant is captured through several layers of fibers.

The DRYFLOW stands up to abuse. We do not use mesh to form the pleats, eliminating any chance of damage to the pleats during installation or if you happen to accidentally drop the filter. DRYFLOW filters use an internal plastic cage that prevents the filter from collapsing if it reaches dust holding capacity.

  • Element is cleanable and is guaranteed for the life of your vehicle
  • DRYFLOW air filter will NOT void your vehicle's warranty
  • Delivers up to 99.52% filtration efficiency, based on independent SAE J726 JUN93 FINE DUST Air Cleaner Test Code procedures
  • AEM's unique non-woven filter media never needs oil, meaning less down time between cleanings and no more chance of over-oiling. It takes the guesswork out of servicing your air filter
  • Filter element is virtually impossible to collapse and is more durable than cotton gauze
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    99.52% Filtration Efficiency!

    Fits: 2003-2006 Chevrolet Silverado SS 6.0L V8 F/I (All)


    Frequency of cleaning for your DRYFLOW filter will depend on the conditions in which you drive. As a rule, we recommend that you clean your filter a minimum of every 30,000 miles, inspect it during oil changes and regular service intervals, and clean it if it appears to be reaching its dust holding capacity. If you live in particularly arid, dusty climates or venture off road, we recommend cleaning the filter every 3-5,000 miles. Keep in mind that a clean air filter can increase fuel economy as much as 10% compared to a dirty air filter, and service time for the DRYFLOW filter is only approximately one hour, so you can accomplish it in about the time it takes to change your oil.

    The DRYFLOW filter media is hydrophobic, which is a fancy way of saying it does not soak up water. Under normal conditions, cleaning will take about an hour. We recommend that you follow the instructions that are included in our intake systems and DRYFLOW filter replacement filter kits. Unlike oiled filters that must be cleaned, then dried, then oiled, then wait for the oil to wick to the material and finally fill in any "gaps" where the oil did not wick, with the DRYFLOW you simply bucket soak it, bucket rinse, shake it out and it will be dry in approximately 30 minutes!

    Chevrolet Silverado AEM DryFlow Panel Air Filter - 28-20129 Fits:
  • 2003-2006 Chevrolet Silverado SS 6.0L V8 F/I (All)
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